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IsaBody Challenge

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This production brought us very close to some amazing individuals, who were humble and trusting enough to welcome our crew into their homes, to meet their families & share their stories.

Sharing your most personal memories can be difficult with your best friends, never-mind 4 strangers and 2 cameras!

Our approach to the narrative was to take things a layer deeper than the norm. Uncovering each individual’s drivers and the impact their transformation has had on them was key, whilst taking a perspective from those closest to them humanised each story.

Visually, we aimed to capture the subjects as naturally as possible in a few carefully selected scenarios, which aimed to maximise each environment and natural light.

  • Date

    November 5, 2019

  • Client


  • Director:

    Nick Margerison

  • Producer:

    Chris Williams

  • DOP:

    Daniel Bolt

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